How does the process work?

  • Firstly, review the information on this website, including the Pricing page, before booking. Then, head on over to the Schedule Your Appointment page, and select which type of Santa you’d like and select your date and time. An email will be sent in October for you to sign up for your specific time slot.

Can I have both the Traditional Santa set and the All-White set for my photos?

  • No. You must choose one or the other. It kind of kills the magic if Santa has to go do a costume change in the middle of the session! If you want to mix things up, choose the opposite set next year 🙂

How should I dress my child?

  • We are a big fan of classics & neutrals here at KRP! You can never go wrong with simple outfits. For my own kiddo, I always dress him in nice cotton long pajamas – either a solid, or simple pattern (nothing too busy) or a classic “fair isle” pattern (which you can Google if you’re not sure what that is — you’ll recognize it when you see it). Creams, neutrals, and warm browns and burgundies will look great with our sets — but we’ve also had people wear dark emeralds and navy and that looks great, too! Stay away from neon green or bright tomato red.

What if my child cries?

  • This is a common fear that parents have. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to get beautiful portraits with Santa (or, if they don’t want anything to do with Santa, we try to get beautiful portraits of them by themselves). Sometimes, we embrace the crying for a few photos — and you’d be surprised how cute those turn out!

How can I best prepare my child for the portraits?

  • A successful session takes a bit of prep work on your part. We recommend reading Santa books to your child, showing them past photos of themselves with Santa, and just hyping up the fact that they are going to meet Santa! If they’re old enough to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, tell them to start thinking of what they want to ask him for. If they want to write Santa a note, that’s wonderful and we can use that in the photos. If your child has a “lovie” that they are really attached to, (or perhaps would just like a stuffed animal to hold on to if they’re apprehensive) we encourage that you bring a lovie for them to hold during the photos.

Is there an extra charge for more than 1 child?

  • Not at all. However, please keep in mind that our sets are only so big, so please refrain from inviting cousins, friends, etc to your session — keep it to your kids only, please, unless it’s a very small group (think 2-3 children).

Will my children receive individual photos with Santa, or a group photo?

  • Both! If you have more than one child, we try to get both a group photo and give each child their own moment with Santa alone.

Can I order online?

  • Online ordering will be available for 2021.