Extended Family Portraits in Waukesha – Studio and Outdoor

For some reason, extended family portrait sessions don’t make it to social media as much… and they totally should! A lot of people are surprised to hear that we offer this classic genre of photography. We absolutely love photographing extended families! Usually, it’s a rare family-reunion type situation, or maybe something done bi-annually to showcase how the grandkids have grown… in any case, it’s a special occasion and one that we really enjoy capturing. As you can see from the sample images below, we are able to photograph families in our studio in downtown Waukesha, or outdoors on-location. We are a full-service, print-focused photography studio, and offer a lovely selection of wall art options so that your treasured family portrait can be beautifully displayed for many years to come. Please contact us to set up your extended family portrait sitting!

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    What to Expect at your Newborn Photo Session

    So, you’re expecting! Congratulations! Deciding on a newborn photographer can be a difficult task – especially when it’s your first baby. But once you do book someone, what comes next? What should you expect? I’ll walk you through everything in this blog post!
    The ideal time to get on the books with your newborn photographer is before Baby has been born. This allows your photographer to schedule X many babies in a month so that your session is guaranteed. Ideally, newborn photo sessions should be done within the first 2-3 weeks of Baby’s life, but here at Kara Reese Photography we have had successful posed newborn sessions with babies up to 6 weeks old.
    Because you never really know when Baby is going to make their grand arrival (unless you have a scheduled c-section), your date and time for your newborn session is usually not determined until you reach out to your photographer after your baby has been born.
    You may be wondering what you need to bring to your newborn session. At Kara Reese Photography, we provide everything needed here at our downtown Waukesha studio – backdrops, hats, wraps, props, and even extra supplies like diapers and wipes and refreshments for parents. All you need to do is bring your Baby! But not every newborn photographer provides these things, so be sure to ask beforehand if you didn’t meet with them for a pre-session consultation.
    When you arrive to the Kara Reese Photography studio, you will notice that we keep the studio around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep your little one comfortable. (As you know, babies are used to a 98.6 degree environment inside the womb, so we try to mimic this environment as much as we can to keep them sleepy!) Any family photos will be done first before people get sweaty 😉
    After family photos are completed, we will continue with Baby alone. If Baby has older siblings, it’s a great idea to send them home at this time with Grandma or whoever — the sessions can last up to 2 hours, and it’s just not fair to expect a toddler to be on their best behavior in a photography studio that long! But if that’s not possible, we do have a comfy sofa and big-screen Plasma TV with Netflix and Chromecast.
    You can rest assured that your sweet little one will be in the best hands at Kara Reese Photography. Kara has been extensively trained by the top newborn photographers in the world, and is one of the most knowledgeable photographers in the greater Milwaukee/Waukesha area in both newborn posing and newborn safety.
    After your session is completed, it takes about 2 weeks for us to artfully retouch your photographs. We go through each image one at a time to touch up blemishes, even skin tone, and apply our soft, painterly edits. Once the photos are done, you’ll be invited back to our studio for a private in-person order appointment. We will watch a beautiful slideshow of your images, and then review them together and decide how you’d like to display your photographs. It’s the best part of the whole process!

    We would love to hear more from you if this sounds like what you’re looking for in a newborn photographer! Please click on the “Contact Us” tab in the navigation of this website, and we will get the ball rolling!

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      A Wisconsin Girl Goes to Texas

      I have worked with this awesome family for over 7 years now! That just blows my mind. I first got a call from them just after the birth of their oldest son, and I’ve been blessed to photograph them at least annually ever since then. You can imagine my devastation when I learned that they were relocating to Texas for work — I may or may not have shed real tears, ha!

      So when it came time for me to pick which photography workshop I was going to attend last year (I always try to do something to continue my education as a professional photographer at least once a year) I saw that there was a workshop happening in a city a few hours away from them in Texas. I quickly texted Danielle to see if they’d be interested in me stopping by for a visit (and to photograph them), I was overjoyed when she was just as excited as I was! It was a done deal.

      Man, that trip to Texas was amazing. The workshop was fantastic, I got to stop at Magnolia on my way up to this family, and after I photographed them they were so gracious to treat me to dinner and let me spend the night before I flew back out.

      I am so lucky to have made lifelong friends with so many of my clients over the years, including Chris & Danielle and their beautiful kids. I hope you enjoy these photos from their session.

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        Summertime Maternity and Family Portraits – Nature and River

        Oh, how I love working with this family! Their little guy is about the same age as my oldest son, and Mom and I were both pregnant with #2 at the same time as well (their baby came a few months before my youngest). It’s always been great to see them and share parenting stories. Seeing how their little guy was loving on Mom’s baby bump was just the sweetest thing to me… it might have been the pregnancy hormones, but I seriously got emotional as I was editing this session! Ha! I loved that Mom was interested in wearing one of the studio’s maternity gowns in the river at the end of the session. It was the perfect way to end their session and those portraits are some of my favorites.

        Enjoy a sneak peek into their session!

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          Baby R’s Classic Posed Newborn Session

          I have been immensely blessed to work with this amazing family from the time Mom was pregnant with her oldest little girl! They are the sweetest family. It’s so incredibly special that I am able to see my client families grow like this – not only because they trust me to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments time after time, but because I get to see their kids grow up over the years. As a mom myself, I just think that’s incredible. I loved being able to catch up with Mom at this session — I was still pregnant with my youngest at the time (and wound up delivering him about 2 weeks after their session) and it was so much fun to chat about pregnancy, mothering, and other things. It was such a fun session. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their shoot below!

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            Spring Family Portraits in Waukesha

            I loved working with this beautiful family! I first met them through “A Moment of Santa” when they brought their little guy – who was just a few weeks old at the time – for portraits with our one-of-a-kind vintage Santa. I was thrilled when they wanted to be photographed again, this time during the spring. We have a very narrow window of time here in Wisconsin to capture the beautiful flowering trees, but man — if you can hit it, the results are just incredible! These portraits were taken at one of my favorite parks here in Waukesha. I love pink & purple trees in the spring, so I was really excited about how their family portraits turned out. It was a mild and cloudy morning which meant we had beautifully even light everywhere. Just gorgeous! Enjoy!

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              Wisconsin maternity photography session

              We had a lovely maternity session.
              How far along were you when you had your photo session?
              34 weeks
              How was your experience during your session?
              My husband and I were originally on the fence about having a maternity photo shoot done. On a whim, we decided to go for it, and we are so happy that we did! Kara was a pleasure to work with, and we had so much fun during our session. My husband and I are not typically ones that like having our picture taken, and Kara made us feel very comfortable throughout the process. She even managed to get more photos taken with my husband than I expected! It was a great experience!
              This water edit looks perfect with this navy gown.
              What’s one piece of advice you would give to other expecting mothers for the session?
              I was definitely happy I chose to have my hair and make up professionally for my session – I am not great at doing these on my own, and I think it really added to the amazing outcome of the photos.
              I love this hat, so stylish.
              What outfits did you wear during our shoot, and why did you decide on those?
              I wore a few dresses I had found online as well as a more casual outfit. I decided on these selections based on some inspiration photos I had come across when I was trying to determine what kind of vibe I was looking for in my own maternity photo shoot.
              This maternity gown is so beautiful.
              What is something that dad has done for mom during the pregnancy? For example something that she thought was sweet or something supportive he did?
              Andrew was very supportive during my pregnancy. One thing I thought was very sweet was every morning when we would walk our dogs we would first have to go down the steeper slope in our front yard, and Andrew would go down first so he could hold onto my arm to steady me when I would walk down.
              I love how soft and elegant this photograph is.
              What have been your favorite things to do while pregnant?
              I really enjoyed going on walks with Andrew and our doggies.
              I loved that they brought this prop from home.
              Did you take any props or try to incorporate any activities that your family is involved in?
              We did bring a sign from our home to incorporate into the photo shoot.
              Has your pregnancy gone pretty smoothly or has it been a tough one?
              Pregnancy went pretty smoothly.
              What kind of look were you going for in your photos?
              Something sophisticated and soft.
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