What to Expect at your Newborn Photo Session

So, you’re expecting! Congratulations! Deciding on a newborn photographer can be a difficult task – especially when it’s your first baby. But once you do book someone, what comes next? What should you expect? I’ll walk you through everything in this blog post!
The ideal time to get on the books with your newborn photographer is before Baby has been born. This allows your photographer to schedule X many babies in a month so that your session is guaranteed. Ideally, newborn photo sessions should be done within the first 2-3 weeks of Baby’s life, but here at Kara Reese Photography we have had successful posed newborn sessions with babies up to 6 weeks old.
Because you never really know when Baby is going to make their grand arrival (unless you have a scheduled c-section), your date and time for your newborn session is usually not determined until you reach out to your photographer after your baby has been born.
You may be wondering what you need to bring to your newborn session. At Kara Reese Photography, we provide everything needed here at our downtown Waukesha studio – backdrops, hats, wraps, props, and even extra supplies like diapers and wipes and refreshments for parents. All you need to do is bring your Baby! But not every newborn photographer provides these things, so be sure to ask beforehand if you didn’t meet with them for a pre-session consultation.
When you arrive to the Kara Reese Photography studio, you will notice that we keep the studio around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep your little one comfortable. (As you know, babies are used to a 98.6 degree environment inside the womb, so we try to mimic this environment as much as we can to keep them sleepy!) Any family photos will be done first before people get sweaty 😉
After family photos are completed, we will continue with Baby alone. If Baby has older siblings, it’s a great idea to send them home at this time with Grandma or whoever — the sessions can last up to 2 hours, and it’s just not fair to expect a toddler to be on their best behavior in a photography studio that long! But if that’s not possible, we do have a comfy sofa and big-screen Plasma TV with Netflix and Chromecast.
You can rest assured that your sweet little one will be in the best hands at Kara Reese Photography. Kara has been extensively trained by the top newborn photographers in the world, and is one of the most knowledgeable photographers in the greater Milwaukee/Waukesha area in both newborn posing and newborn safety.
After your session is completed, it takes about 2 weeks for us to artfully retouch your photographs. We go through each image one at a time to touch up blemishes, even skin tone, and apply our soft, painterly edits. Once the photos are done, you’ll be invited back to our studio for a private in-person order appointment. We will watch a beautiful slideshow of your images, and then review them together and decide how you’d like to display your photographs. It’s the best part of the whole process!

We would love to hear more from you if this sounds like what you’re looking for in a newborn photographer! Please click on the “Contact Us” tab in the navigation of this website, and we will get the ball rolling!

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    Waukesha fine art newborn studio session

    All wrapped up and ready for her first photo session
    tiny hands are so sweet
    Her floral headband is so cute
    I really loved this color for her session
    What a precious little girl
    snuggling this little bear <3
    I love the earthy vibe this photo gives off
    one tiny yawn to finish our session
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      Waukesha lifestyle newborn photos

      I had the pleasure of joining this family in there home to take Callans newborn photos. I love coming into a home to truly capture their life.

      His little features just pop in this photo
      I love this blue swaddle and hat, they look so cute.
      Snuggle bunnys <3
      Such sweet kisses from this new daddy
      Wide awake for all the action
      This family is so beautiful.
      Even this special furry family member came to join in the fun!
      So happy to have their little bean home with them.
      Theres no place more comfortable than in your mother arms.
      Dads are so soothing
      I loved this family lifestyle session. This sweet baby is surrounded by love.
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        Waukesha 1 year studio portraits- Dorian

        This was such a fun 1 year family portrait session. Dorian was an extremely happy little man. They brought their sweet pup Montie in with them to join in the lovely pictures. You can tell the two of them are close pals <3

        Montie sat like such a good boy.
        That sweet smile is contagious
        Those suspender are too cute!
        Dorian looks so cute sitting like a big boy in this chair
        These two have such a special bond.
        What a beautiful family
        Such a loved baby <3
        I loved the coordinating outfits with his puppy pal
        We got so many wonderful pictures. I was so happy to capture this precious time in their life.
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          Waukesha family photos

          It was so nice to have the Pigeon family at Retzer nature center for their family photos.
          What kind of look were you going for in your photos?
          Classic, timeless, beautiful spring portraits with blooming trees. Also some “fun” and casual portraits to capture us as a family.
          Why did you decide on the outfits you chose?
          Wanted to keep the outfits simple yet complementary of the mainly green landscape and blooms at the location.
          What advice do you have for parents planning outfits for a future family session?
          Keep it simple. No busy patterns or logos or too many patterns on outfits. Don’t try to all match exactly, use the color wheel to find complementary colors that look well together. Keep in mind the background in the portraits when looking at complementary colors.
          How would you describe your overall experience?
          Wonderful! Kara is so easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and wants you to love your portraits. I loved being able to see all the proofs up close in her studio, compare and contrast different poses, and decide which ones we loved and wanted to purchase.
          What a beautiful family
          Its always fun to chase your brother
          I love all the bountiful trees in the background
          All kids love hanging on their parents backs
          It was a joy to capture these two brothers and their family
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            Waukesha 6 Month Baby Portraits

            Emmy came to visit us for her 6 month pictures!
            She loved being in this little crate!
            What baby doesn’t love their Sophie the giraffe?
            So sweet.
            Kara added these purple flowers in photoshop. Aren’t they cool?
            Such a serious, sweet look.
            Isn’t that romper and headband set adorable?
            She looks like a little woodland fairy!
            She loved sitting on this prop bed.
            I love it when babies look off to the side.
            So cute in that little bonnet.
            Focusing on those sweet eyelashes.

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