Snowfall in Waukesha on New Year’s Day

Happy New Year!! I’m sure happy to put 2020 in the rearview mirror, as I’m sure pretty much everyone is. With the glorious snowfall that we got today, January 1 2021 definitely felt like a fresh start… both metaphorically and literally! I loved looking outside and seeing the crisp white snow cling to every branch and blade of grass. I dolled my boys up and we drove (slowly!) over to Fox River Park to snap a couple snowy portraits. We were only out in the snow for about 2 minutes, but I got these two portraits that I’m just thrilled with. They are both wearing pieces from the “client closet” that I supply at the studio. Perfect for when you’re wanting something simple yet refined for your portraits!

Have you ever thought about taking pictures in the snow? You need a photographer who is quick on the shutter, that’s for sure! I got my crate positioned and ready and then called my husband to bring the kids out. They were already dressed. We whipped coats off quickly, snap snap snapped, and then coats back on and back into the car they went! Whew!!

Wishing you and your family a healthy, lovely, prosperous New Year. Cheers to 2021.


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